Announce the NMoT of your container to the terminal

Next Mode of Transport


By announcing the Next Mode of Transport (NMoT) of full import containers to the terminal, stacking of these containers on the yard can be optimised in view of pick-up for hinterland transport. This can significantly shorten the turnaround time for trucks, barges and trains at the terminal, as the containers are readily available (no more 'digging out') at the required location (trucking gate, water side, rail side).

Next Mode of Transport offers a single API connection where parties can submit NMoT information for any connected terminal operator.

NMoT / GLC video


This NMoT data is informational and non-binding, yet supposed to reflect the actual planning of the parties involved in the taking out of the container. When the planning changes, an update of the NMoT data can be sent.


The usability-deadline for submitting NMoT information depends on the terminal's capabilities and processes. NMoT data can be processed up to 24 to 8 hours before start of the vessel discharge, depending on the terminal. Some terminals can dynamically change the planned location of a container even during operations.


By announcing the NMoT of a container, turnaround time at the terminal is decreased


One central API gives access to all connected terminals

Operational Excellence

Exchanging operational data and planning improves the overall process, which benefits every player in the chain

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