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VOPAK shares data through NxtPort Terminal events API

NxtPort worked closely together with VOPAK over the last few months, to enable controlled and secured data sharing with its customers, worldwide. We are very happy to announce that over 70 terminal events of the VOPAK Houston terminal are available on the NxtPort platform, as a first step in setting up a global data sharing community.

Interested to get a better insight on how this works and which (other) information can be retrieved from the NxtPort platform? Now and in the future? Be sure to subscribe to the official launch event on January 28th!

Unee group joins as co-build partner

Houston based software and analytics provider Uneegroup joins the NxtPort family as the co-build partner for the Chemical Terminal Events. Together with the community and supported by the NxtPort data sharing platform, they will create a user interface to visualise different aspects of the data. 

Van Moer - Private Connections

Besides sharing data in collaborative processes, Van Moer also uses NxtPort to share other operational data with customers and/or suppliers. Using NxtPort allows to make a single connection with all of our partners, reducing complexity of interchanging information.

Connect your company now with Van Moer and make your supply chain more transparent and more efficient - in real time -, while reducing emails and other errors. 

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