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Release containers securely with blockchain technology

Secured Container Release


The Secure Container Release use case enables the digital transfer of the right to pick up a container.

Shipping agents create a right in the blockchain by sending a COREOR message just like they do today, confirming the economic release of the container. The receiver of the traditional COREOR message will receive a pick-up right within the blockchain, which can be transfered to other parties. In the end, the right is handed over to a specific truck driver, who exchanges that right for a PIN-code upon arrival at the Terminal gate.

Generating a PIN code only at the time of usage eliminates the risk of it being intercepted by others.

This blockchain solution was created for a Proof-of-Concept between a single terminal and different parties in the supply chain. It was managed by NxtPort and T-Mining

Blockchain Security

Secure transfer of the right to collect a container via blockchain technology.

Easy to use

A simple smartphone application for the trucker.

Operational Efficiencies

One central point to transfer the pickup rights.


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