Co-Envisions, Co-Builds & Co-Markets



Outlining potential improvements with different stakeholders

In Co-Envisions, people from different professional backgrounds come together and discuss a topic they are faced with on a daily basis and how they envision the future. These people are brought together in a way that a holistic solution is most likely to result from these sessions. This is a crucial first phase in the process of providing market solutions. The result of this session will be revisited by the NxtPort staff and the people involved, to make sure the envisioned solutions continue on to the next phase.


Transforming the ideas into working solutions 

Once market solutions are defined in a clear way, they are transformed from ideas on paper to working solutions in the form of a Proof-of-Concept (PoC). Again, for this phase in a products life-cycle, different parties are brought together in Co-Builds. The parties involved will then build a PoC in a pre-defined timespan. This will happen in close collaboration with those who provided the initial idea. 



Evolving from Proof-of-Concept to final product

Once the Proof-of-Concepts are ready and have generated enough insights, the solution can go into production phase. In Co-Markets, different parties will create a product that has market potential and that will prove to be beneficial for the industry, both financially and operationally. So in Co-Markets, the focus lies on defining the technicalities of how the product is going to be positioned in the market.