Vesselstay - Service Level Agreement


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Vesselstay - API Specific Terms – Service Level Agreement

v1.1 - 19-Jul-2019

1 Introduction

This Vesselstay - API Specific Terms – Service Level Agreement (this “API Specific Terms - SLA”) describes the levels of service that a Subscriber will receive from NxtPort CVBA (“NxtPort”) with regard to the Vesselstay API (the “Item Covered”). This API Specific Term – SLA supplements the NxtPort Service Level Agreement (the “SLA”). Capitalized terms used in this API Specific Terms - SLA and not separately defined shall have the respective meanings ascribed in the SLA.


2 Item Covered

The Vesselstay API is considered a paid-for Item Covered by the SLA as of the moment a Monthly Subscription fee and Transaction Fee or a Yearly Subscription Fee is due by the Subscriber. Prior to this moment, the Vesselstay API is offered by NxtPort without any guaranteed Availability or Service Response Time guaranteed. Any Support levels are only providedwithout any Services Credits being due in accordance with art. 1.3 of the SLA.


3 Priority Level

The Vesselstay API is categorized as a Priority Level 3 API.


4 Guaranteed Availability

As a Priority Level 3 API, the Vesselstay API has a Guaranteed Availability of 98%. Availability and Scheduled Maintenance windows are communicated via and are governed by art. 3 of the SLA.


5 Guaranteed Support Response Time

The Support Response Times for a Priority Level 3 API apply. Standard Business Hours (9h-17h30 CET) apply for Support.


6 Need More Guarantees?

In case you need more guarantees, please let us know via or and we will be contacting you to discuss custom support options.