API specific Terms & Conditions for CCRM/NGPS


API specific Terms & Conditions CCRM/NGPS

version 1.0 published 02-Dec-2019

API Specific Terms - CCRM & NGPS for Data User


  1. Applicability


    • 1.1.These Next Mode of Transport  (“NMoT”)terms and conditions (the “API Specific Terms and Conditions”) supplement the General Terms and Conditions of NxtPort CVBA, registered with the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises under company number 0429.672.881 and having its registered office at Brouwersvliet 33, Box 8, 2000 Antwerp (Belgium) (“NxtPort”) governing the use of the NxtPort Platform and accepted by the Subscriber (the “General Terms and Conditions”) and describe the terms and conditions under which a Data User (as defined in the General Terms and Conditions) can make use of the Next Mode of Transport API (hereafter the “API”).


    • 1.2.These API Specific Terms and Conditions provide specific terms for the use of the API.



  2. Definitions


    • 2.1.Capitalized terms used in these API Specific Terms and Conditions and not separately defined in these API Specific Terms and Conditions, shall have the respective meanings ascribed to such terms in the Customer Specific Agreement.


  3. Description of the API


    • 3.1.The aim of the API is to expose non-binding data on the Customs Container Removal Messages for containers that the terminal operator has in temporary storage during importation of cargo.


  4. Data


    • 4.1.The CCRM Data Elements provided are described in the github documentation (the “CCRM Data”).


    • 4.2.The Data Provider will use best efforts to provide the CCRM Data as soon as possible after the container is allowed to be removed from temporary storage.


    • 4.3.NxtPort does not provide any warranties on the timeliness of the CCRM Data.



  5. Fees and pricing


    • 5.1.Yearly Subscription Fee


      • 5.1.1.For use of the API, the yearly Platform Subscription fee is due, as set out on NxtPort’s website (the “Platform Subscription Fee”).



    • 5.2.Data Fee


    • 5.2.1.No data fee will be charged.



    • 5.3.Transaction Fee


    • 5.3.1.The Transaction Fee for the CCRM APIis EUR 0.10 per container and will be invoiced in arrears on the monthly NxtPort invoice as a separate line item.


  6. Accuracy


    The Data Provider will use best efforts to ascertain that the Data provided to the Platform is accurate at the moment of entry into the Platform. NxtPort does not provide any warranties to the accuracy of the Data.


  7. Data Access


    • 7.1.CCRM Data related to the terminal identifier of a Terminal Operator, will be pushed to this Terminal Operator.


    • 7.2.Subscribers (other than terminal operators) can request CCRM Data on basis of the combination of the container number and the terminal identifier.


    • 7.3.The Data will be shared with the Data Users in accordance with the technical specifications applicable to the API as provided by NxtPort.


  8. Service Level Agreements


    • 8.1.For the CCRM the service levels are set out in the “CCRM - API Specific Terms – Service Level Agreement”.